For investigative journalists, keeping information safe and sources anonymous is crucial. Traditional methods aren’t always secure enough. This piece highlights why onion sites and SecureDrop are essential for secure, confidential communication with sources.

Understanding Onion Sites:

Onion sites end with “.onion” and are part of the Tor network, offering unmatched privacy in addition to security. Their complex encryption ensures that communications stay confidential and anonymous, ideal for journalist-source interactions.

The Essence of SecureDrop:

SecureDrop, an open-source system designed for whistleblowers, allows anonymous, secure exchanges between journalists and sources. It uses strong encryption to keep shared information confidential further protecting source identities.

Why Journalists Need SecureDrop:

  • Protecting Sources:
    To keep sources safe and encourage story sharing, journalists need a secure, and equally important, an anonymous way to communicate. SecureDrop provides this digital protection.
  • Preserving Integrity:
    Journalistic integrity is vital. SecureDrop supports confidential discussions, enabling reporters to investigate sensitive issues without further risking their ethics.
  • Defending Against Surveillance:
    With government and corporate surveillance threats, it’s crucial to have a secure communication method. Onion sites and SecureDrop offer protection, keeping journalistic work and sources safe from prying eyes.
  • Building Trust:
    Trust is the foundation of journalism. Using SecureDrop shows sources that journalists take confidentiality seriously, encouraging more to share their stories.

Setting Up the Technology:
Journalists wondering how to implement these tools should consult cybersecurity experts to further their knowledge before attempting.

Further, if you would like to use TOR, you can set it up using TAILS and you can test it by viewing my onion site. To setup TOR using TAILS you can use this guide here:

Furthermore, a practical example of an onion address can be found here on my contact me page:

And for those interested in moving forward and creating their own sites using confidential communication for journalists, may consult a guide such as one found here:


Onion sites and SecureDrop are vital for journalism’s future, finally offering security and confidentiality in an era where privacy is scarce. What’s more, they enable journalists to protect their sources and maintain journalism’s core values in the digital age. Every journalist should consider these tools as indispensable for their work to further protect their sources.